The latest technology for your treatment


Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology for diagnosis and dental treatment procedures.

3D Dental scanner

Our Kodak 3D CT digital scanner provides us with precise 3D information of an implant patient’s jawbone which allows us to accurately plan implant placement by computer. Owing to the virtual reality images, it is possible to ascertain the exact angle needed for implants, thereby leading to the best possible results. With the help of surgical guides, we are able to place implants rapidly and with no discomfort whatsoever.

Escáner dental - Tecnología ICEO Dental

Design software used for prosthetic dentistry (CAD/CAM)

Thanks to our association with Phibo®, the leading European company in design software for dental prosthetics, we are able to guarantee outstanding results for our patients.

Prótesis dentales diseñadas por ordenador