At ICEO, we have been treating International Patients of various nationalities for over 10 years now, mainly at our dental clinic ICEO South, located right in the heart of the tourism area of Gran Canaria, namely Maspalomas.

However, our Dental Clinic in Las Palmas is also treating more and more international patients, particularly expats and Europeans who spend long holidays on Gran Canaria year after year, attracted by the advantages for health of its wonderful climate.

Owing to all that the Canary Islands have to offer, millions of tourists visit the islands every year. The health benefits of the climate for both mind and body convince many of these tourists to become regular visitors to the islands, to opt for long stays here or even to make the islands their permanent home.  As a result of this, we have different types of international patient profiles:

  • Patients who are on holiday in Gran Canaria and have to unexpectedly seek dental treatment
  • Expats or European citizens who spend part of the year in the Canary Islands

The majority of our international patients belong to the latter group, some because of the quality of the services we offer in their own language, and others because they have become aware of the extent of value for money that dental treatment in Spain can offer and decide to arrange their dental care during their stay on the island.aeroplane-icon

Health Tourism, in this case also called Dental Tourism 

Due to the recent boom in Health Tourism and in particular Dental Tourism, as experts in Dental Implants and pioneers in the introduction of Zirconia to Dental Implantology in the Canary Islands –  along with our services in Periodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry – we have decided to promote our services on an international level. With this in mind, we have now had our website translated and we are working with a local Health Tourism Facilitator who assists and also provides us with International patients.

Linguistic assistance for international patients

In order to be able to provide the best possible experience for the international patient, helping them to avoid any possible language barrier during their visit, we have staff who speak English at our clinic in Las Palmas and English, French and German at our clinic in the south of the island. We can also arrange an external service if a different language is required.