Dental implants are made from titanium or zirconium and are placed in the jaw, acting as artificial roots to replace missing teeth.

The success rate is very high, being a predictable, safe and painless procedure.

In most cases, dental implants are the best solution for replacing missing teeth as, apart from feeling and looking like your own teeth, adjacent teeth do not need to be sacrificed, bone loss is reduced which occurs with the loss of teeth and they also offer new levels of comfort, security and confidence to dental patients.

In addition to the traditional Titanium implants, ICEO Dental also offers the very latest in dental implants with utmost guarantee as ICEO Dental has its own dental laboratory which uses state-of-the-art technology, allowing its team to find the very best solution for each case:

Immediate implant system or “Teeth in a day”

Teeth in a day - Dental TreatmentNormally, the waiting time from the placing of an implant until the attachment of the final crown is around 8 weeks, allowing time for the implant to be fully fused and integrated with the bone. However, quite often, especially a few days earlier or when all the teeth are replaced at once, it is possible to attach provisional crowns the same day as the placing of the implants, hence avoiding uncomfortable removable dentures and being able to restore a favourable smile from the first moment of treatment.

If you are interested in our Immediate Implant System, contact us for details and we will recommend the best solution for you.

Zirconia Implants, the very latest in implants in Las Palmas: ICEO Dental

Surgical techniques and materials have been progressing over the years in order to better maintain healthy gums and achieve better aesthetic results. Several studies indicate that there are patients who can develop hypersensitivity reactions to titanium owing to continuous exposure to said metal. This hypersensitivity triggers itchiness and inflammation around implant sites, resulting in bone loss.

One of the aesthetic difficulties that occurs with most frequency, when placing implants at the front of the mouth (the smile line), is that a black line eventually appears at the gum line along the top of the crown, especially when gum tissue recession occurs. This problem is also common in people who have had implants carried out and subsequently undergone some type of oral surgery. The notorious black line can cause people to change their way of smiling and speaking, altering their facial expressions, this sometimes even leading to psychological problems.Zirconia implants - Dental Implants

For many years, it appeared impossible to find a solution to this aesthetic problem, despite lengthy experimental research using different types of material. Some failed as they were not biocompatible and others because they could not avoid the accumulation of bacteria between the different layers from which they are composed.

The success of modern implantology, after much research and many case studies, is due to the discovery of a certain material – zirconia – which can be relied on for its extraordinary strength and durability which translates into a virtually non-existent percentage of fractures. To this valuable characteristic we can add its biocompatibility and optimal osseointegration which surpasses titanium, not only for replacing front teeth but also back teeth as zirconia is able to withstand the considerable stress forces of biting and chewing.

Normally the implant is immediate if it is placed in a fresh extraction socket, avoiding bone resorption in the affected area. If your dentist considers it suitable, the crown will be affixed to the implant straight away and, if not, a temporary bridge will be placed and, after approximately three months (sometimes less), when your dentist is certain that the implant procedure can be completed without any complications, specifications are taken for the implant crown or bridge (several crowns in a row).

If you need dental implants in Las Palmas, do not hesitate in contacting Clinica Dental ICEO. A team of highly qualified dental specialists, the very latest dental technology and more than 10,000 satisfied clients are our best guarantee.

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