Are you tired of uncomfortable problems with your dentures? Have you still not heard about Mini Implants?

At ICEO Dental clinics we stabilise your removable dentures in a simple and inexpensive way with dental mini implants.

All those bothersome problems that your dentures produce will disappear after just one appointment

Complete removable dentures are a traditional solution for people with no teeth but they come with problems of retention, phonetic distortion, poor functionality and pain due to the level of denture stability, all of which cause a high level of dissatisfaction amongst patients. Removable dentures can lead to several complications such as gum lesions, repeated visits to the dental clinic and the cost of adhesive products which ultimately do not adequately solve the instability of the dentures.

An excellent solution is the use of dental mini implants. With mini-implants the stability of your dental prosthesis is solved in just one appointment at your dental clinic.

Use of Mini implants even for patients with a great deal of bone loss

Dental mini implants are effective even for patients with a considerable amount of bone loss as these implants require less bone for placement because they are smaller in diameter and just one-piece implants. Consequently, it is possible to achieve a level of denture retention that could not be met otherwise. Dental mini implants - Iceo Dental

In this case, the use of platelet-rich plasma, and the associate growth factors, is usually enough to bring about a favourable biological environment for osseointegration of dental mini implants. ICEO Dental having been pioneers in the using of this regenerative medicine technique in Las Palmas.

The most inexpensive option: we can use your current dentures in this procedure

The placing of dental mini implants is a much more inexpensive alternative to traditional implantology, as we can usually use your current dentures in the procedure. Not only that, in the case of deciding on new dentures, this procedure still works out much cheaper than traditional implants.