Orthodontics is a speciality in the field of dentistry that corrects teeth and jaws that are positioned incorrectly in order to rectify bite defects, thus providing patients with a healthier mouth and a more pleasing face and smile.

We always carry out a thorough study of each individual case which involves dental, periodontal, facial, skeletal, aesthetic assessment to reach an exact diagnosis that will eventually lead to perfectly aligned teeth and an attractive smile.

Types of treatment:


Metal fixed braces allow such precise three-dimensional control of tooth movement that they are still often the preferred choice for certain orthodontic cases.  These dental appliances are made of two elements, metal brackets that fit across the teeth and archwires that hold the brackets in place. Braces are custom-made for each individual dental patient to straighten or move teeth in the precise way needed to correct their position and the archwires are adjusted at regular intervals to gradually correct the bite.


Sapphire braces are transparent and, therefore, almost invisible. These top quality, cristal-clear braces are an excellent alternative for orthodontic use.SAPPHIRE BRACES - orthodontics


  • They are transparent and much less noticeable than metal, ceramic or plastic braces.
  • They do not stain, unlike ceramic or plastic braces.
  • Due to their highly polished and smooth surface, they are more comfortable to wear.

INVISALIGN® – The clear alternative to braces

INVISALIGN ® - Dental treatment abroadInvisalign® is an innovative technique that is used to correct misaligned and uneven teeth without the need to wear traditional braces. With the help of 3D technology, we plan your treatment, showing you how your teeth will adjust and what your final smile will look like. For more information, see link.