Global Situation of Dental Amalgam Fillings

In recent years, concerns over mercury have been mounting and eventually led the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) to draw up a treaty designed to reduce all man-made sources of mercury, including dental amalgam.  The European Commission subsequently confirmed its proposal to recommend that individual nations should work towards the scaling down of the use of dental amalgam which contains mercury among other metals.

Owing to concerns over mercury, an increasing number of dentists have moved away from amalgam and now only use white composite fillings. In addition, white fillings blend in much better with surrounding teeth and are, therefore, a much more attractive alternative for dental patients.

At the same time, many dental patients have also personally opted for having their amalgam fillings replaced, in order to avoid any possible health risks linked to mercury exposure. Particular importance is given to replacing amalgam fillings if they are excessively worn or broken. However, due to the toxicity of mercury, removing amalgam fillings is unquestionably a job for dental experts. A dentist who does not have the appropriate experience or does not take enough care when replacing amalgam fillings could actually do far more harm than good.

Have you thought about replacing your amalgam fillings?

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