Teeth whitening is an aesthetic treatment that allows the lightening of teeth by several shades.

Teeth whitening requires a previous diagnosis carried out by a dental specialist, otherwise this could mean problems for a person’s health in what is normally a harmless procedure. The use of inadequate products or a product being incorrectly administered can damage the surface of a tooth, produce tooth sensitivity, gum lesions and even affect the nerve of a tooth.

Clínica Dental ICEO is a state of the art dental clinic in Las Palmas with expert dentists who use the latest techniques in teeth whitening which guarantees a safe and efficient outcome.

Teeth whitening abroad - Dental treatment

Types of teeth whitening

LED Light teeth whitening

This treatment is carried out at the clinic. It involves applying a whitening gel to your teeth and subsequently treating them with a special LED lamp, the LED light acting as an activator of the whitening solution.  In just an hour, the teeth are lightened by several shades.

Whitening combined with custom-made mouthpiece

Combined whitening treatment is the best option and the one most recommended by our dental aesthetics specialists. It involves carrying out the whitening procedure at the clinic with the LED lamp and, in order to improve the effect of the LED light, we combine this with whitening at home with a custom-made mouthpiece.

Whitening with custom-made mouthpiece

This is a treatment which can be carried out at home, after your visit to the dentist. It involves the use of a whitening gel which is applied to the teeth by way of a custom-made mouthpiece that is placed over the teeth, preferably at night or for at least a few hours per day.