One of the most important advances in dentistry over the last few years has been the introduction of zirconia for crowns and implants.

A computerised image or a plaster mould is used to make a zirconia crown.  Computer aided manufacturing has made this procedure speedier and more precise and has lead to better-than-ever results.

At ICEO Dental Clinics, thanks to our association with the leading dental technology company Phibo, our specialists are able to provide the best possible zirconia prostheses.zirconia implants and crowns

One of zirconia’s many advantages is that it is a tough material. At the same time, it is ultra-biocompatible and hypoallergenic allowing the best possible osseointegration and without the risk of metal allergies that metal implants can produce.

Using Zirconium for your dental treatment: aesthetic treatment

Another important advantage that zirconia offers is aesthetics; being a white, translucent material, it provides a lighter, more natural appearance. Furthermore, as there is no metal structure beneath the ceramics, the typical grey line that appears over time with metal implants (when gum recession occurs) is avoided.